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Make a cake with your edible print

Everyone, at least once a year, celebrates and this is a great opportunity to do something specific - now is the  moment to personalize the desserts for a natal day or other specific occasion. Here you can buy a really unique and eatable specifical printed pictures and images to ornament the solidify, the cupcakes or even the cookies for the event. Our suggestion is just for you - tribe who value their time and want, at the same time, to amazement pleasantly your loved ones. Here you can fall in with a wide variety of ready made pictures of cartoon characters, different personalities, landscapes and whatnot, and other decorations for your convenience. Our difference of sizes is also vast because we aim to gratify every taste and choice. All our products are made from completely innoxious ingredients which have almost no try the flavor of and flavor. Our proposals are intellectual for both big cakes and little cupcakes and cookies, and for even more impressive decoration you can buy from our honeyed ornaments which are also greatly varied and interesting. Our proposals will facilitate at the most your arrangement of sweets for any casualty. Our limit is to make easy you at most and to be pleased with the final results.  Here you can meet with cupcake liners available in all sizes with which to set to the edible images with sugary butter choice part or other darling furnish with glass.  Be informed that now to ornament a confect with a photo method not only to ornament the cake with a desired photo but also to see the beaming face of the someone who it is for! Now is the right duration to fill out the disposition form online and to affix your photo. We will immediately busied ourselves with the disposition and it will arrive to you within two days. Impediment out our enticing offers and make your holiday unforgettable.

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Make a cake with your edible print

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